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Right to Work/Paycheck Deception

bio1Right now, hardworking Missourians are under attack. With legislators in the state capital relentlessly pushing to undermine unions, honest Missouri workers are seeing their pay, safety, and quality of life put at risk, on and off the job. They give these bills catchy names, like “Right to Work” and “Paycheck Protection”, to mislead trusting voters into checking “Yes”. In actuality, this legislation is aimed at weakening our wages and our rights as employees.

As a current member of Laborers Local 663, I will stand alongside hardworking Missourians, and take the voice of Missouri’s working people to Jefferson City to protect the middle class.


bio2We witnessed an unfortunate series of events unfold at our state’s flagship university last fall: a hunger strike, a team strike, and, ultimately, the resignation of our university system’s president. As a former student athlete and graduate of the University of Missouri, I join Tigers everywhere in this time of healing. Sadly, our greatest obstacle moving forward is how the situation is being handled in Jefferson City.

While we have an interim president and chancellor who are working tirelessly to patch the holes in the ship, our legislators have decided that the best way to support our community in need is by cutting the university budget by $8,000,000. Not exactly what I call helping us heal.

I take great pride in the University of Missouri, and will represent True Sons and Daughters everywhere by working to ensure a bright and inclusive future for all Tigers.

Sexual Violence

personalSexual violence is present in every community in the United States. It affects millions of Americans—from victims to those supporting them.

As an individual, I contribute by volunteering at my local rape crisis center, MOCSA. As a representative, I will be an active voice for providing the resources necessary to reducing sexual violence in our state.

To start, as a community, we need an informed, goal-oriented dialogue. We must teach our youth the dynamics of a healthy relationship, foster respect in our homes and in our neighborhoods, and provide survivors with greater support and the resources to hold offenders accountable.

Join me—together, we can create a safer environment for all Missourians.

Womens Rights


It’s 2016, but, sadly, we are still fighting for equal pay for equal work. Women in Missouri are earning$0.71 to every dollar that men earn.

This “women’s issue” doesn’t just affect women. For mothers working full-time jobs, that missing $0.29 is hurting the entire family. That may be food on the table, gas in the tank. For some families, for the single mother, that may be the lights on in the house.

I would like to carry the torch of equality to Jefferson City, and ensure that, when it comes to our paychecks, we are all treated equally and paid fairly for the work that we do.