Meet Martin Rucker


Get to know the man behind the movement, his life, what he stands for, and what his plans are for our state!



bio1Martin T. Rucker II is known across Missouri for toughness, teamwork, and accomplishing the extraordinary. For many, his accolades on the gridiron would be a lifetime of achievement; for Rucker, they are just the beginning. Today, Martin Rucker is answering a call to serve that stems from his city, his family, and his faith, and running for State Representative of the Missouri 14th House District.

Rucker grew up in St. Joseph, Missouri, where his parents served on various community boards, and his father was a State Representative of the 29th District. Martin’s loving family and enriching childhood home helped him to foster a strong faith, a broad awareness of the plight of others, and, sensing his own fortune, a desire to make the lives of those around him better. A true civil servant, Rucker embodies firm belief in the power one person can have in their community, and the responsibility placed on those of great ability to lift up their neighbors.

Education & Achievements


bio2As Martin became a football star for the Cardinals of Benton High, many believed that he was destined to leave the Show-Me State to pursue dreams elsewhere. To the contrary, Rucker, inspired by the loyalty of True Sons and Daughters in his hometown, signed with the Tigers of Mizzou. In a middling program with little success to speak of, Martin saw opportunity, and a group of people willing to lay it all on the line for one another. Rucker led Missouri to new heights, including the team’s first #1 ranking since 1960, and became a consensus 1st-Team All-American en route to the NFL. His playing career showcases an ability to bring together people of all beliefs and backgrounds, and proven leadership on and off the field.

After retiring from the NFL, Martin became a project engineer with Kissick Construction Company, and a proud member of the work1Heavy Construction Laborers’ Local 663, a craft union with deep roots in the community. He has been a personal trainer at his hometown gym, and is active in local football camps and wellness programs, helping others face their fears and meet goals never thought possible. Martin’s time as an athlete also gave him a platform to continue serving others, including founding a charity: The Martin Rucker “A Christmas to Remember” Toy Drive.

As a representative, Rucker aspires to better the lives of those in his community from the top-down. He is a union advocate, and strives to be an honest, consistent, and pragmatic voice for a fair playing field. Martin is also passionate in keeping discrimination out of the workplace, and ensuring that equal work earns equal pay.

Personal Life


personalMartin Rucker II is married to Geony Rucker. Geony is a
senior loan officer at CapWest Mortgage and a motivational speaker. The couple work together to counter sexual assault and advocate for victims of sexual trauma. They enjoy the outdoors, and can be found hunting, fishing, and further experiencing the many gifts of nature that Missouri has to offer.